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As ("Company"), we use certain technologies ("cookies") such as cookies, pixels, gifs to improve your experience during your visits to our online media. The use of these technologies is carried out in accordance with the legislation we are subject to, especially the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVK Law").

The purpose of this Cookie Clarification Text is " "   To inform you about the processing of personal data obtained through the use of cookies by Site users / members / visitors ("Data Owner") during the operation of the website ("Site"). In this text, we would like to explain to you what kind of cookies we use for what purposes and how you can control these cookies.

As ("Company"), we can stop using the cookies we use on the Site, change their types or functions, or add new cookies. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the provisions of this Clarification Text at any time. Any changes made on the Current Disclosure Text will become effective even if they are published on the Sites or in any public medium. You can find the last update date of the Clarification Text at the beginning of the text.

For more detailed information about the purposes of processing your personal data by the Company, we recommend that you read the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy of ("Company") at ("Site").

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file necessary for a website to recognize you later. This text file is unique to you and can only be read by the web server that defines this code. It is definitely not a virus. It saves you time, if you are registered, it automatically remembers your answers in your next entries.

Which Cookies Are Used For What Purposes?

In General

As a company, we use cookies for various purposes on our site and process your personal data through these cookies. These purposes are mainly:

- To perform the basic functions necessary for the site to work.
- Analyzing the Site and increasing the performance of the Site. For example, the integration of different servers on which the Site works, determining the number of visitors to the Site and making performance settings accordingly, or finding what the visitors are looking for to facilitate.
- To increase the functionality of the Site and to provide ease of use. For example, to share on third party social media channels on the Site, to remember the username information or search queries of the visitor visiting the Site for the next visit. >
In line with the purposes within the scope of the Clarification Text, your personal data may be processed without your consent in the presence of at least one of the legal data processing conditions in the second paragraph of Article 5 of the KVK Law. Otherwise, that is, in the absence of legal data processing requirements, your personal data will only be processed when you have your explicit consent. In any case, we may share your personal data within the scope of the Clarification Text with third parties, affiliates, business partners and group companies from whom our Company benefits from its services, limited to the achievement of the above-mentioned purposes and in accordance with the legislation. We would like to point out that the parties to whom the data is transferred may store your personal data on their servers anywhere in the world.

Cookies Used on Our Site

Cookies can be categorized in terms of ownership, lifetime and intended use. Depending on the party placing the cookie , Platform cookies and third party Cookies are used. While platform cookies are created by (the "Company"), third party cookies are managed by different companies that cooperate with (the "Company"). According to the time it is active , session cookies and persistent cookies are used. Session cookies are deleted after the visitor leaves the Platform, while persistent cookies are used. It can stay on the visitors' devices for various periods depending on the moment. According to the purposes of use , technical cookies, verification cookies, targeting / advertising cookies, personalization cookies and analytical cookies are used on the Platform.

Mandatory Cookies

The use of certain cookies is mandatory for our site to function correctly.

Cookie Description
ASP.NET_SessionId               is a cookie created by the ASP.NET Framework as a standard, to manage user sessions. No personal information is collected or stored with this cookie.

Why Are Cookies Used?

On the Platform, Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • To perform the basic functions required for the platform to work. For example, the members do not get lost during their visit of the products in the shopping cart. Logged in members do not need to enter their password again while visiting different pages on the Platform.
  • Analyzing the Platform and increasing the performance of the Platform. For example, the integration of the different servers that the Platform works on, determining the number of visitors to the Platform and making performance settings accordingly, or making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • To increase the functionality of the platform and to provide ease of use. For example, sharing to third party social media channels on the Platform, remembering the user name information or search queries on the next visit of the visitor to the Platform.
  • To perform personalization, targeting and advertising activities. For example, showing ads related to the interests of the visitors on the pages and products viewed by the visitors.  

How Can I Control The Use Of Cookies?

You have the ability to customize your preferences for cookies by changing your browser's settings.   However, preference management is not possible for some Cookies that are mandatory for the Sites to work. In addition, we would like to remind you that if some Cookies are turned off, various functions of the Site may not work.

Information on how to manage preferences for Cookies used on the platform is as follows:

  • Visitors have the opportunity to customize their preferences for cookies by changing the browser settings on which they view the Platform. If the browser in use offers this opportunity, it is possible to change the preferences for Cookies through the browser settings. Thus, although it may differ according to the possibilities offered by the browser, data owners have the opportunity to prevent the use of cookies, to choose to receive a warning before the cookie is used, or to disable or delete only some Cookies. Although the preferences on this subject vary according to the browser used, a general explanation is available at Cookies preferences may need to be made separately for each device where the visitor accesses the Platform.
  • Click to turn off Cookies managed by Google Analytics.
  • Click to manage the personalized advertising experience provided by Google.
  • Preferences in terms of cookies used by many companies for advertising activities can be managed through Your Online Choices.
  • The settings menu of the mobile device can be used to manage Cookies on mobile devices.

For more information, you can visit the links in the table below:

Adobe Analytics     out.html


https: // help.

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Google Analytics

Google Chrome

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