is healthy compared to other steel and teflon products. When tinned copper is used, toxins in foods are removed and it provides healthy and natural nutrition. You can cook all dishes in copper pots and pans.

Yes. It is normal for uncoated copper to darken in color. Our copper coated with nickel on the outside does not tarnish. The blackening of the tin inside does not cause any health problems.

Wooden spoons should be used to prevent scratching on copper pots and pans. Do not put copper pans on an empty burning stove. You can darken the inside of the pan on high heat.

If your copper products are darkened, you can polish the outer part of your copper with products such as tomato paste, lemon, and ash. On our site, you can easily polish all your metal goods such as MARPOL copper, steel, gold, which are sold for professional shine.

You get a delicious coffee by making coffee in copper pots. Reasons for this: Copper makes the coffee cook slower as it spreads the heat evenly and allows the coffee to be brewed better in the pot and mixes the water more intensely.Therefore, the thickness of the coffee pot will add more flavor to the coffee. You can catch the desired density and taste in copper coffee pots.

Your domestic orders are shipped within 24 hours, and international orders are shipped within 48 hours. Delivery time for wholesale orders varies according to the quantity of the products.

Your overseas orders are delivered within 48 hours. Your shipping times may vary depending on the delivery time to the region you choose your preferred shipping company. You can track the status of the cargo with your shipment code shared with you. You can also check all your shipments from our customer service number +90 536 885 08 61.

Yes, we are delivering through many of our cargo partners we work with. You can request information by sending an e-mail to for detailed delivery information about your country.

In international shipments; The company we work with varies according to the country and region. Cargo companies we work with: UPS, PTT Cargo

when you receive your product; Opening, tearing, crushing, wetting etc. in the cargo package. You should check to see if there is a problem. If you think there is any problem in your package during delivery, we recommend you to pick up your package with the record of your package under the guidance of the incoming courier staff.

For the moment, we cannot provide gift wrapping service, however we are working on the subject based on our customers' requests. You will be able to present your gifts to your loved ones in gift wraps in a short while.

Coronavirus (corona) survives up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, however, researchers have proven that copper surfaces tend to kill the virus in about four hours, and copper surfaces can only survive for 3-4 hours in laboratory environments. Source .For this reason, we recommend you to use copper products that do not give all viruses a chance to survive without any heat. We recommend that you use copper products in the kitchen within the scope of preventing coronavirus contamination measures.

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